From the green and wild north to the sunny beaches of the south, Spain has something to offer, whatever your preferences.

We can divide the country into three tourist segments: The north, verdant with great traditions, including culinary ones, the center, dispersed and arid but rich in history and monuments, and the south, with the most frequented beaches in Europe.

Highlights in Spain:

In North Santiago de Compostela, the Picos de Europa and San Sebastian stand out among many other excellent destinations.
In the center, Madrid and Toledo dominate, while in the south, Seville and Barcelona frame a thousand kilometers of beach, with emphasis on Andalusia and its Costa del Sol.



When a foreigner constructs an image of Spain, it is this typical region that provides the motifs and details. Being ...


From the green and wild north to the sunny beaches of the south, Spain has always something to offer no ...
Asturias L1400 32


A mountainous area, a humid climate favoring the green landscape, a coast of welcoming bays and steep cliffs, it is ...
Balearic islands

Balearic islands

Well located in the Mediterranean the Balearic offer all sort of warm beaches, with the normally associated animation. Highlights in ...
Canary islands

Canary islands

The Atlantic winning the fight against the desert in a couple of islands. The Canary islands may come as a ...
Basque Country

Cantabrian and Basqu...

Visited places: The north coast is wild and cold, but beautiful, from Galicia to the border of France, through Cantabria ...


The true historic heart of Spain, with a strong role in civilization. Less touristy places Travel notes A central area ...
Castilla La-Mancha

Castilla La-Mancha

Right in the heart of Spain, an extensive area rich in history, but far from the tourist wealth of other ...


From the green and wild north to the sunny beaches of the south, Spain has always something to offer no ...
Comunidad de Madrid 1400 32

Comunidad de Madrid

Historically the center of Castile, after some indecision between Mancha or Leon. in the subdivision of that province, it was ...
Comunidad de Valencia

Comunidad de Valenci...

Zone of oranges and paella, this province has a huge variety of tourist attractions, where its many excellent beaches predominate ...


This is, maybe the least touristy province of Spain, maybe because a few kilometers further we have… Portugal. However, a ...
Galicia1400 32


A region of exuberant landscapes, welcoming estuaries, refined gastronomy, and welcoming cities is an important tourist destination. Highlights in Galicia: ...
Murcia Region L1400 32

Murcia region

The least visited segment of the south coast by foreigners, Murcia region has good beaches, and the cathedral is a ...

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Spain – Strong sun, and Joy

What I have seen Spain - Sun and Joy One thing the Portuguese can't understand is how easily we are ... Read More

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