Splitting Croatia in two to opening a narrow window to the the Adriatic, Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country rich of contrasts with a long history of convulsions and suffering, noticeable in many of its sights.

Highlights of Bosnia-Herzegovina:

Mostar is the top attraction, but also Sarajevo and Bihac deserve a visit.

In these pages we plan to collect the travelling experiences by the users of Touristrips, and useful information about all visited places in this country. 



Travel notes One of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the city grows around a famous bridge, classified by UNESCO ...


Travel notes The only town on the country's narrow coastline focuses on tourism, offering lower prices than neighboring Croatia, and ...


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic center of Pocitelj was destroyed by war, but quickly rebuilt, regaining all its ...

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In Bosnia-Herzegovina

Briefly in Bosnia-Herzegovina In a week with lots to see in Croatia, never had plans to visit Mostar. However, considered all ... Read More

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