Maybe the most touristy destination in Asia, Thailand has everything to please the visitors.

Tourism is central to the economy of Thailand, one of the most visited countries in asia, sometimes number one.

There are attractions for all tastes, from history in and around Bangkok, to adventure in the remote north, and leisure on the fabulous beaches of the south, not to mention sex tourism, with the greatest freedoms.

Highlights in Thailand:

Bangkok é naturalmente a maior atração, com o Palácio Imperial e destaque, mas, viajando para o interior, a zona de Ayutthaya e o remoto Chiang Mai justificam alguns dias de visita.

No Sul, são muitas as ilhas com praias paradisíacas, onde se destaca Phuket.



Travel notes Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam for over 400 years, making it ...

Bang Pa-In

Travel notes Even before the destruction of Ayutthaia, a royal summer palace named Bang Pa-In was built on the banks ...


Travel notes The capital of Thailand is a huge city, full of life and contrasts, which attracts all types of ...
Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Travel notes Located in the northern mountains, this big city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Thailand ...
Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai

Travel notes Located in the extreme north of Thailand, Chiang Rai became famous for being located in the so-called durable ...
Ko Samui

Ko Samui

This is an island with wonderful beaches, that may be a good option to holidays in August, because the monsoon ...
Ko Thao

Ko Thao

This island, as its neighbor Ko Samui, is an island with wonderful beaches, that may be a good option to ...


This large and beautiful province disputes with Ko Samui, in the opposite coast, the title of island with best beaches ...

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