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Located near Wadi Musa, Petra is the true treasure of Jordan, a unique monument with a great impact on tourism in the region.

It was a vast city carved out of rock by the Nabataeans, which became an important trading post on the Silk Road.

The conquest by the Romans, a century before Christ, did not stop development. Later it was the Arabs, followed by the Crusaders, who dominated the city, but after they were expelled, it was forgotten.

Those who visit, when passing through the narrow and long gorge that gives access to it (the “Siq”), understand how this could have happened.

One day, in the 19th century, a Swiss rediscovered and promoted it, becoming the focus of Jordanian tourism, and receiving the inevitable recognition of UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Highlights of Petra:

The whole city is amazing, but the view of “Al-Khazneh” when leaving the gorge and “Ad-Deir” at the end of the long walk, are unforgettable.

Petra by solopes

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