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Located in an area of frequent and serious conflicts, Jordan is an oasis of peace, being the ideal destination for those who want to know something about the Middle East.

Standing out as one of the countries with an Islamic majority that is more tolerant of western standards of living, the friendliness of the people facilitates travel, and the eventual difficulties imposed by a harsh climate, sometimes capable of overcoming the artificial comfort of tourist structures.

Jordan Highlights:

Petra and the Dead Sea are not to be missed. Wadi Rum is a wonder, and biblical reminiscences give expression to many other sites, such as Mount Nebo.

Amman c1400 32


Travel notes Amman, capital of Jordan, is a city full of contrasts - with an overall image of whiteness and ...
Aqaba 32


Travel notes Jordan is an inland country, with just over 20 km of coastline on the Red Sea. Being little, ...
Dead sea c1400 32

Dead Sea

Travel notes More than 400 meters below sea level, acting as border between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is ...
Desert Castles c1400 32

Desert castles

Travel notes From Amman, it is common to take a day trip through the desert to the east, in search ...
Gadara c1400 32


Travel notes Near the town of UMM Qais, on a hillside in the far north of Jordan, overlooking the Golan ...
Jerash l1400 32


Travel notes Ancient Jerash, a few kilometres north of Amman, for those who visit it without preparation, is a pleasant ...
Kerak c1400 32


Travel notes Kerak is a city in Jordan known for being the site of an ancient Crusader fortress, surrounded by ...
Madaba c1400 32


Travel notes Just 30 km from Amman, Madaba is a low-key town made famous for its Byzantine mosaics. Originally integrated ...
Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Travel notes Mount Nebo is a minor visit for an atheist, but of great significance for religious people. With views ...
Petra l1400


Travel notes Located near Wadi Musa, Petra is the true treasure of Jordan, a unique monument with a great impact ...
Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Travel notes Located in the extreme south of Jordan, close to Aqaba, Wadi Rum is one of the most famous ...

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Jordan – 2 great weeks

What I have seen ​​Visiting Jordan Jordan was a pleasant surprise. Standing in the Middle East it is not an ... Read More

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