Many of us hesitate between calling the city Delhi or New Delhi.

In reality, it is a city built upon cities, at least eight, all replacing or expanding on their predecessors.

A vibrant city, with intense commerce, is the initial challenge and appetizer for India, for every visitor who discovers that the only truly safe way to cross a street is to follow a cow.

Many of the riches of the city’s long history and evolution are still present, and it is easy to find interesting attractions for all tastes and preferences in the city.

Lots of people, lots of cows, lots of religions, lots of monuments, lots of spices, lots of… everything. India is a world!

Delhi, the capital, shows everything of that world.

Highlights in Delhi:

The Red Fort stands out in front of several temples from different eras and religions, as well as tombs and other constructions, such as the imposing Gate of India, in a wide and pleasant park.

India 3

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