Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is now an autonomous territory in China. Densely populated and with an intense commercial and financial activity, the fierce competition for every inch of land led to the creation of the dense and tall network of skyscrapers that surrounds the port.

It is also possible to focus on places of more traditional occupation and image, making it possible to distinguish where survive intact the signs of Chinese culture, the remnants of the British occupation, and the crossed influences of both.

Although the territory is small, leaving the city this assessment is still possible, with nature defending its importance in the landscape.

Signs of the British occupation are fading, while Hong Kong struggles to keep the autonomy status.

Highlights in Hong Kong:

Star ferry is a relic, Victoria peak a challenge. Repulse bay offer the beaches, but the main attraction is commerce – you will have to buy something!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – nice!

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  1. Your posts always provide me with a new perspective and encourage me to look at things differently Thank you for broadening my horizons

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