Monument Valley

Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a natural park occupied and managed by the Navajo tribe, between the states of Arizona and Utah.

The idea of “monuments” derives from the presence of capricious rock formations, standing out in the arid plateau.

Initially a floodable basin, for thousands of years it accumulated sediments, which, rising up, formed a plateau.

Afterwards, the effects of erosion removed some of these sediments, building the volumes that today dazzle visitors.

The scenic beauty of the park had to captivate the cinema, and that was the final resource for the immortalization of the landscape.

There’s no one who hasn’t seen a cowboy movie set in Monument Valley.

Highlights in Monument Valley:

Tours are organized and carefully managed by the resident Navajos. Take the opportunity to experience a typical Navajo meal.

Monument valley

Monument Valley – 3 hours and a good lunch

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