Dzibilchaltún is one of the least visited places in Yucatan and also one of the most important.
Located about 15 km from Mérida, there are records of occupation since 500 AC for about a thousand years. It is a huge city, from which little has been recovered so far, but studies point to more than 8000 buildings and a population of around 40000 people.

Highlights of Dzibilchaltun

The most famous of the buildings that can be visited is the Temple of the Sun, where the windows are aligned with the equinoxes, also called the Temple of the Seven Dolls, as 7 small effigies were found inside.
Also worthy of note is a cenote in the center of the complex, and a temple of Spanish origin, which should be the last of many constructions.

All travelling notes:

Ruins of Dzibilchaltun

Dzibilchaltun – Impressive Ruins

What I have seen Ruins of Dzibilchaltun Wide but almost unexplored A few kilometres out of Mérida, Dzibilchaltun complex is ... Read More

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